Kaeser i.Comp 3

The i.Comp3 is a powerfull electric piston compressor which delivers oil- and moisture-free compressed air under a constant pressure up to 11 bar. As a result of the innovative motor, the compressor does'nt need a compressed air receiver. And thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the i.Comp3 is the perfect combination with our UltimaZ E25 and MicroJet EM25 fiber blowing machines!

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Specifications *

Capacity : 110 l/min (at 11 bar) Working pressure : 11 bar
Electric power supply : 230 V, alternating current Power : 1,5 kW
Contents air receiver : No receiver Weight : 25 kg
Length : 490 mm Width : 340 mm
Height : 600 mm Noise level : 79 dB(A)

Special specifications : Delivers oil- and moisture-free compressed air
Hose connection : MODY-coupling

* The specifications may change without prior notice.

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