Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


  1. Until what time is Infrarent open?
    Infarrent is every working day open from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm. During official officiële holidays there can be special openings hours. These will be notified on this page.




  1. How can i tell if the product i want to rent is still available?
    The only way to check if a product is available is by contacting us. Or, once you´ve sent us a order, we will immidiately check if the product is available during your desired rental period. If this is not the case, we will try to find a similar product for you.

    I want to buy instead of renting, is that possible?
    Sure you can. For sales, please contact our sales company:
    HMS Machines BV.

Problems / Defects

  1. The rented product isnt working properly or is broken. What should i do?
    You should immediately contact us. We can review the problem and help you out as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will provide a replacement. Take note: it is prohibited to do any repair(s) on our machine(s) yourself.

  2. The rented product has been stolen! What should i do?
    You will need to report this as soon as possible to the police and contact us immediately. You can contact us at 0031 182 69 69 35. For further handling of this issue, we need a copy of your report given to the police. Once we recieve a copy of the report, the rental stops. For further processing the insurance conditions of the rental are in place.

Pricing & Quotations

  1. Where can i find the pricing of the machines / equipment?
    Throughout this website you can easily add products to "Your Quotation" by clicking on the desired product on "Quotation". You can manage a list of products which you can send to us by filling out the form. When the list has been sent to us, we will promptly contact you and we will send you the corresponding price list(s). You can also contact us directly at 0031 182 69 69 35.

  2. How is pricing being calculated?
    We have day and calendar week rates. Depending on the type of machines / equipment, the calendar week rate is 3 or 4 times the daily rate. We have examples here.

  3. When do i recieve an invoice?
    There will be an invoice after each calendar week over the previous (calendar) week.




  1. Can Infrarent arrange transport?
    Yes. You can choose whether you leave it up to us or you arrange it yourself. We collaborate with professional transportation companies. On this page we provide more information about this topic.



  1. Do i need to pre-pay a deposit?
    Ja, we employ deposits. The amount of the deposit depends on the machine(s) and / or equipment you want to rent.Click here for more information.

  2. When do i get my deposit back?
    Refunds of the deposit will be made by bank transfer within 10 days after the final invoice date, provided that the products are in good condition (no damage, defects and clean) and minus any outstanding invoices. Read more about deposit refunds here.
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